About Soapy Suds Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning expert Tim and Amy Krushensky

Tim & Amy Krushensky
& Family, Owners

Hello, we are Tim and Amy Krushensky. We are the co-owners of Soapy Suds Cleaning Service, a professional carpet & upholstery cleaning business serving homeowners in all of Gallatin County since 2000. As natives of the area and graduates of local schools, we enjoy exceptionally strong ties to and involvement in the local community. We both enjoy raising our three young children here.

We take great pride in our work. We are committed to providing the highest quality workmanship in carpet, rug, upholstery and tile care for the discriminating homeowner.

We are an IICRC Certified Firm. Tim has certifications (#120273) in carpet, upholstery, stone, masonry and ceramic tile cleaning, carpet repair & reinstallation, and odor control from the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration). Tim has achieved Journeyman Textile Cleaner status. We also stay involved in the industry and up-to-date and current on cleaning advances and techniques. Our company uses the best and safest cleaning solutions available and we follow internationally recommended standards and procedures for cleaning.

We Clean the Earth Friendly Way!

What our great customers have to say…

“Dear Tim: I am writing to express my gratitude at the superb job you did in cleaning my carpets in my residence. As you know, for the last 15 years we have kept our home rented out during those months each year that we have been out of town. Every year we have had the carpets cleaned upon our return, typically by Bozeman firms generally recognized as being the best in the market. This year the carpets in our home were in the worst shape i have ever seen them. Thus i decided to take a chance on your assertion that, with your new equipment, you could beat the work of anyone else. I was skeptical, but you more than lived up to your word. When you finished, the carpets looked as good as they did when i had them installed four years ago. The transformation was stunning.

It is not my custom to write letters of appreciation regarding standard commercial transactions. My feeling is that a fair price for a job well done is reward enough for both parties. But the quality of your work is so exceptional that i felt compelled to make special note of it. In just a few short hours you converted me from a skeptic into a very happy-and devoted-customer. Keep up the good work: you are in a class by yourself. Best wishes, Dan ”
-Dan Benjamin, from Bozeman

“Dear Tim, my carpets are dry, the stains have been totally removed, the house is odorless and you have successfully restored our flooring to it's original condition; all within 4 hours of my SOS call. As you know, my wife was having a mini meltdown after our 15 year old dog's diarrhea dirtied the upstairs hall, stairs and den. Our choices were to either install hardwood or linoleum throughout the house or get rid of Mugsy. You deserve a huge thank you from a dedicated pet owner and her husband the clean freak. Please feel free to use us as a reference for your business. Good luck in your future endeavors, Kurt”
-Kurt Winegardner, from Bozeman

“Tim, Thanks so much! You did a great job! Kris”
-Kris Milligan, from Belgrade

“Thanks for doing such a great job for my parents!”
-Diane Brawner, from Bozeman

“Amy and Tim, thank you for all the great work, and for being there for us!!”
-Ennie Stredwick - Custom II Metal, from Bozeman

“Dear Tim, Thank you so much for the great job you did on cleaning our carpets. I really appreciated your hard work & the results gave me a big lift to have them clean. Thanks again.”
-Ruth Vyse, from Bozeman

“Amy- thank you so much. Everything looks great! I know it was a lot. My wood floors were so bad. Thank you again. I have a huge smile on my face.”
-Kim, from Bozeman

“When we were about to put our condo on the market, we thought we would have to replace the carpet. After Soapy Suds did the carpet cleaning, folks thought we had just put it in. Soapy Suds is the greatest!!!!!”
-Ronald Gjestson, from Bozeman

“Amy & Tim, Thank you for the beautiful work you do for us! You're great! Carla”
-Carla Shchmidt, Belgrade Farm Bureau

“Tim and Amy, Thank you for the proficient job you completed for us. We're very pleased with the results. We appreciate the time and energy you spent on our home. May you be infinitely blessed!”
-Mandeville Farm - Ralph & Letha Stark, Donna Mandeville, from Bozeman

“Tim and Amy, Thank you for always doing such a great job for us on our rentals. We always know it will be done on time and done right! Thank you very much for your very professional service.”
-Kate and Randy, Big Sky Places, from Bozeman

The Personal Floor-Care Approach

One of the great advantages of using Soapy Suds Cleaning Service is that it is an owner-operated business. Tim is the one who will be cleaning your carpets and upholstery personally each and every time you call. Don't settle for a different, unknown, untrained person every time you need your carpets and upholstery cleaned